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By Beth Gillespie, NC, MS


In this day and age, exposure to numerous toxins including chemicals and heavy metals is inevitable. Over 80,000 chemicals are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for use, and over 3,800 of those are high-use chemicals. These chemicals are found in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.


Nutrition & Wellness

Kick Your Cravings to the Curb

By Christine Hardy


Do you remember what happened when you were a kid and your parents said you couldn't have something? You probably rebelled and threw a tantrum. As adults, something similar happens when we go on a diet — we're told we can't have something, but instead of throwing tantrums, we get cravings.


The thing about cravings, though, is that they can manifest as a coping mechanism during emotional situations, or they can actually be our body’s way of signaling that it needs essential nutrients and minerals.

Nutrition & Wellness

Easy Nutrition Hacks That Add A Big Boost To Your Meals

By Christine Hardy


Sometimes, some of us can go to the unconventional in our attempts to eat healthier. For example, my first memory of "eating healthy" is that of my father coating my Cheerios with orange juice instead of milk. He thought dairy wasn't healthy and that OJ boosted the nutritional value of my plain cereal; I thought it tasted gross.


Nutrition & Wellness

The Fitness Fix Is in Your Metabolism

By Jason Stella


People tend to think of metabolism simply as the body's ability to burn calories and maintain a healthy body weight. What many fail to realize is that metabolism has to do with more than just calories in versus calories out. Just take any middle-aged male or female that busts their tails in the gym, eats properly, and still can't lose weight. Chance are they're addressing only one or two of the four vital components that affect our metabolism:


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