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2016 ClubSport Gift Guide

2016 ClubSport Gift Guide

By Amanda Richert


It's that time of the year again! We’ve made our list, checked it twice, and these are the gifts we know family and friends – from fitness-obsessed to mildly inclined – will love.


For the Stylish Exerciser


ClubSport Apparel


From the most demanding workout at the club to running errands around town, ClubSport's line of active apparel is geared for performance and comfort. With styles available for men and women, you're bound to find the perfect piece for the fashion-forward exerciser on your list. Shop ClubSport Apparel »


For the Goal-Oriented


MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor


The best workout companion to achieve fitness goals is MYZONE. The MZ-3 heart rate monitor tracks effort levels during exercise in and outside the club, displaying activity in real time to keep individuals motivated and engaged during their workout. Once done, exercisers receive personalized results detailing their progress. Extras such as a unique points reward system and fun challenges combine goal-setting and accountability to push fitness fanatics even further. Shop MYZONE »


For the Health-Conscious


Pure Whey Protein Powder


Pure Whey is protein your body can feel good about. Sold exclusively at ClubSport, Pure Whey is a 100% all-natural whey protein derived from grass-fed cows and has not been genetically modified. It's free of hormones (RGBH and rBST), antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, soy, and grain, and contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. Pure Whey comes in two delicious flavors (chocolate and vanilla) and is available for purchase in the club.


For the Results-Driven


Personal Training


Give someone the education and support they need to get the results they want. ClubSport personal trainers are the perfect solution for those seeking to lose weight, improve athletic performance, or come back stronger from injury. ClubSport personal trainers are knowledgeable, experienced, and certified by an accredited sports and fitness organization; elite trainers also have over 800 hours of training experience and a degree in Exercise Science or a related field. Personal Training at ClubSport »


For the Endurance Athlete


TEAM ClubSport Apparel


Perform great and look just as good while crossing the finish line with TEAM ClubSport performance apparel. TEAM ClubSport apparel is designed for comfort and dryness even in tough conditions. Best of all, it contains reflective elements that make it easy for others to see you, especially as you race right past them. Shop TEAM ClubSport Apparel »


For the Person With Many Interests


ClubSport Gift Cards


There's bound to be someone on your list with so many interests that it's difficult to find the right gift for them. For that person, there's the ClubSport gift card. ClubSport offer members a premier and diverse wellness experience. With sports and fitness activities, personal training, spa services, and so much more, you can be sure the gift card you give will be put to good use. Shop ClubSport Gift Cards »


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