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9 Fitness Apps to Get Fit

There are plenty of ways to lose weight, whether it’s by tracking every calorie you put in your body, jumping on the trendiest workout, or enlisting the help of the baddest personal trainer around. And now, thanks to smartphones and tablets, it’s easier than ever to get in shape whenever wherever. Be it in the club, at home, or on the road, here are the most popular fitness and nutrition apps to help log, track, analyze, and fine-tune your efforts and shed some pounds.



FOODUCATE – Losing weight isn't about not eating certain foods, it's about eating the right foods. Fooducate helps you untangle all the confusing nutritional info of your favorite foods — just scan the barcode on the packaging and the app will spit out a grade for the product, and tell you whether there's and added sugars, MSG, additives and preservatives, and more. The better the quality of what you put in your body, the better you'll feel.




NUDGE - This app taps into all of your different tracking programs (like Moves, Runkeeper, and even Apple Health) to help you stay on top of your weight loss goals. And you can join social Clubs, where you can link up with other users for advice, support, and inspiration. The app will also connect you with a personal coach if you need even more motivation.



lose it

LOSE IT! - Lose It! is like your personal health coach who gives you exercise challenges, healthy recipes, and charts your progress as you work towards your goals. Fans of the buddy system will love being able to share their weight loss triumphs and crowd-source food choices.




MY FITNESS PAL - Enter some basic info like your current weight, height, age, and goal weight, and My Fitness Pal will generate a weekly plan to help you get there. Log your meals and how much water you drink every day, get motivation from other users, and keep track of your workouts. The app's pro loaded with a food database of more than two million items and remembers your choices as you log them.




PLATEJOY - If you don't want a full-blown food delivery service but still want the guesswork taken out of menu planning, PlateJoy meets you in the middle. After a quickie personalization quiz, the experts behind the app design a customized meal plan, grocery list, and recipes for the week. There's an even a digital pantry built into the app, which keeps track of the ingredients in your kitchen so you never buy groceries that are already at home




SWORKIT - If you think you're too busy to work out, think again: Sworkit is specifically made for people who don't have a lot of time on their hands and gives you a six-week program that helps you get leaner, fitter, or stronger no matter what your starting level is.




SHOPWELL - Take the mystery out of confusing nutrition labels. Use ShopWell to create a personal profile of your health goals (and all the details that come with them), then head to the store and start scanning barcodes. The app will score each item — the ones with low scores aren't so great (and you'll get similar product recs to replace 'em with); the ones close to 100 belong in your cart.



make my plate

MAKE MY PLATE - If you're a visual person, you're going to love to Make My Plate. The app creates balanced plates that have the perfect amount of calories, fat, and protein, and has meal plans from dietitians and nutritionists, grocery lists, restaurant suggestions, and even a support group. And if you ever feel like you're about to fall off the healthy-eating wagon, you'll love their health tips and reminders that will keep you going strong.




MYZONE - The MYZONE App allows you to sync your MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt with your phone meaning you can now see live data and upload stored workouts on your phone. If you prefer to use your MZ-3 with third-party fitness apps then your data will still be stored (up to 16 hours) until you synch with your MYZONE® app.




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