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September Workout Part 1: The Football Workout

There's a reason why football players are among the best athletes on the planet. Strength, speed, agility, and power are all athletic attributes players must possess in order to be successful at the elite level. With football season just days away, we put together a gridiron-inspired Workout of the Month for September that features some drills and exercises that will help you improve acceleration, speed, agility, explosiveness, and strength.


Day after day, you get to the club, jump on the treadmill or cardio machine of preference, and leave drenched in sweat. You worked your butt off, but the results aren't there anymore. You've crossed over into "The Plateau Zone." *Cue creepy music*



Finding Fiddy: Slow Down and Remember to Breathe

Over the last couple of months, I've literally immersed myself in swimming. I hit the pool once or twice a week to practice between lessons (which has helped with my farmer's tan!), and when I have some free time, I'll hop on YouTube to watch videos on swim technique. With all that practice and studying, you'd think I'd be farther along by now, but nope, I still feel like I'm floundering. Learning to swim, it turns out, is a lot more difficult than I expected.



Transforming Stephanie: Melting Pounds and Making Changes

Preparation is the key to success, and with REV32, it's no different. Sunday is slotted as our prep day for the week. It's time we use to get the shopping done, chop veggies and fruits, and prepare some food for the week. It truly is a vital step in the program and it worked out perfectly for me this week, as I also spent the day getting the kids ready to go back to school and me back to work.

Transforming Stephanie: Making Moves and Muscle Muffins

Week 2 of REV32 means … DAIRY! I'm excited that I'll be able to reintroduce dairy into my diet because it means I can eat Greek yogurt and string cheese again. The program required us to do without it for the first week to see if we were allergic or intolerant to it. I know I'm not either of those, but I still wanted to follow the guidelines.