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Finding Fiddy: Why I Finally Chose to Learn to Swim as an Adult

As kids, we all have that one favorite superhero with really cool special powers we wish we had. My favorite growing up was Aquaman and I'll tell you why as soon as you stop laughing. I know he isn't necessarily the most respected in the superhero universe, but I liked him because he could do one thing I couldn't: Swim.



Transforming Stephanie: Squats and Sparkling Water

They say that the best way to tell a story is to start at the beginning, so here we go. As I walked into Renaissance ClubSport for Day One of the first week of REV32, I couldn't help but feel excited. I was definitely ready to begin the program. That first session started with a weigh-in, which, for me, was pretty uneventful, since I already had an idea of what my number would be.

Transforming Stephanie: Why I Need REV32

Hi, there! I'm Stephanie and this is the beginning of my REV32 journey. I'm a nurse in a pediatric ICU department and the busy mother of four in a household that both my husband and I work to sustain. Because countless other things take priority, taking care of myself tends to sink to the bottom of the list. Like many women, it's the gained and unlost baby weight that brought me to REV32. Let's stop here for a second and rewind it back to give you the full story.