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spartan 2017

ClubSport OCR Athletes Conquer Spartan World Championships 2017

For two years, Spartans have traveled to picturesque Lake Tahoe to compete in the Spartan Race World Championship. With the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the horizon, competitors race down tight, single-track trails and trudge up the steep, rocky mountainside. A frigid swim and tough elevation make this historical venue a “must-race” for Spartans.


Among the group of competitors this year was the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Team from ClubSport Pleasanton and ClubSport Fremont. Led by trainers Jeremy Carbajal, Nancy Couper, Rene Sepulveda, and Brenda Bennett, the team took on the Spartan Beast Race, a 17-mile long course with 38 obstacles.


Even with the many challenges and obstacles standing before them, our OCR Team members persevered and earned their piece of the coveted Spartan Trifecta.


Here are a few pictures and highlights from this year’s World Championship Beast.


blog spartan 9
Mike (49) Lauren (14), and Alex (16)


“Sixteen months ago, Lauren declared that she wanted to run a Spartan race. (We'd run one 5K in our lives.) We joined the OCR Elite class at Club Sport. We trained twice a week led by Jeremy, Nancy, and Rene. Endurance, agility, technique, strength: each week we worked with amazing trainers and a great group. In 2016, we ran two Spartan Sprints. And then Lauren declared her goal of completing the Trifecta - Sprint, Super, and Beast - in 2017. It seemed daunting but became our collective goal. It was hard work. But both the journey and the goal were worth it.”


blog spartan 8



“From training with the OCR Elites to crossing the finish line - it was an experience!  Thanks to the help of OCR Elites I was physically AND mentally prepared for what was in store.  From to countless bucket carries, wall climbs, sled sprints, random rope work and long run days, my biceps and glutes were ready for anything that Spartan was going to throw at me!


The course was long, and the climbs were steep; the decent was loose and rocky, which all made it to be a pretty UN-runable course, but in the end, it was all worth it and beyond satisfying crossing the finish line.  Thankfully, the weather was ideal for a long run but the wind at the top of the mountain made it interesting.  All in all, the only thing I would have changed was the Dunk wall at mile 4+ because wow, that was harder to recover from than the swim since you HAD to fully submerge in the water.  But thanks to the help of my trainer (Jeremy I owe you!) I make a quick t-shirt change, threw on a dry sweatshirt at charged on to complete the rest of the 17-mile journey through the Squaw mountains.

Thanks to all my fellow OCR Elites and trainers for all your help and support in making sure I was ready (and calm) on race day.  Can’t wait until next year. Aroo!”





“The challenge was equal to its awesomeness as an experience. Huge thanks to my fellow Spartans Chrissy Angiola, Bill Buckley, and Nancy Couper, vets of this course and amazing athletes who let me pester them with questions (for months), and coach Jeremy Carbajal who pushed me harder than I wanted to go in training and thus got me physically and mentally ready. Aroo!”





“Tahoe World Championships Beast did not disappoint and definitely lived up to its name. I finished up right all 17.4 miles, 4800 elevation gain, and 9000 calories burned. We made a ton of memories.”





“Survived another Spartan Beast. 17.4 miles and 38+ obstacles. Toughest thing I’ve ever done. No Penalties, No burpees!”





“This was the longest toughest Spartan I’ve done. Got news for u Spartans- it wasn’t 16.4 it was actually 17.4 with all the obstacles of carrying sand bag and buckets 2 x each! Lol. Was fab! Now we relax!!”





“Finished the Beast! Absolutely the hardest Beast to date. From my very first step I knew I was in trouble.”


spartan race map


Congratulations to all our ClubSport OCR finishers! We look forward to the next race. AROO! If you're interested in joining the Obstacle Course Racing Team, contact your ClubSport location to see if there is an OCR Team at your club.


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