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Collagen isn’t just for Saggy Skin

Collagen isn’t just for Saggy Skin

By Lisa Audy, ClubSport Fremont Nutrition Expert


Is there a fountain of youth? A secret potion to everlasting health and vitality? Feeling young, and looking even younger, is obviously an obsession most cultures in the modern world have in common. And while a mythical fountain or a magical elixir that turn back the effects of Father Time may not exist, collagen, a protein found in our skin and through our entire body, may hold the key to youthful-looking skin and healthier joint mobility.


Collagen is found in ample amounts when we’re young, but as we age, we produce less and less of it. Because of this, by the time someone reaches the age of 40, they might start noticing sagging, less youthful-looking skin, and by 70, nearly everyone experiences some form of joint degeneration (osteoarthritis).


Fortunately, recent studies and research reveal that supplementing, either with collagen peptide powders or drinking bone broth (broth made by slowly leaching collagen and cartilage from animal bones), can provide a myriad of benefits:


• Bone Health - Your body has special cells that build bones, and collagen boosts the production of those cells. People who take a collagen supplement have a lower risk of developing osteoporosis than those who don’t.


• Skin Health - Collagen supplement in the form of hydrolyzed powder can greatly reduce the lines around your eyes and improve the overall elasticity of your skin.


• Joint Health - Less collagen production can lead to inflammation. Taking a regular collagen supplement can boost the cartilage tissue around certain joints and make it easier to move without pain.


• Metabolism - Glycine, an amino acid in collagen, delivers blood sugar to your muscle tissue, helping you feel more energized. Taking this supplement could help in your weight loss efforts.


• Heart Health - Arteries are composed mostly of collagen. Not having enough of it could be a cause of hardened arteries.


• Better Digestion - Leaky gut syndrome is when toxins and undigested proteins make their way out of your intestinal wall and into your bloodstream. This occurs when there is a lack of collagen in our gut lining and can lead to a whole host of autoimmune conditions. Collagen can help prevent leaky gut by creating a healthy barrier between your intestinal wall and your bloodstream.


Aging is inevitable, but pain and discomfort are not always a given. The many beneficial effects of collagen go far beyond skin-deep. No potions, no injections, just nutrients from real food sources.




Elizabeth ParsenLisa Audy earned her Nutritional Therapy certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association Inc. and her goal is to educate, support, and motivate her clients with wellness plans that work for their individual lifestyle. She’s a strong believer that a diet of whole (unprocessed), nutrient dense, properly prepared food is the key to optimal function and vitality. 

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