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Finding Fiddy: Determined to Finish What I Started

I went into Week 6 of swim lessons knowing it was crunch time. I gave myself eight weeks to learn to swim and I only had three more lessons to do it. The only thing standing between me and my goal was a tall, sturdy wall called side breathing.




Day after day, you get to the club, jump on the treadmill or cardio machine of preference, and leave drenched in sweat. You worked your butt off, but the results aren't there anymore. You've crossed over into "The Plateau Zone." *Cue creepy music*



Finding Fiddy: Slow Down and Remember to Breathe

Over the last couple of months, I've literally immersed myself in swimming. I hit the pool once or twice a week to practice between lessons (which has helped with my farmer's tan!), and when I have some free time, I'll hop on YouTube to watch videos on swim technique. With all that practice and studying, you'd think I'd be farther along by now, but nope, I still feel like I'm floundering. Learning to swim, it turns out, is a lot more difficult than I expected.



Finding Fiddy: Swimming Is Hard, Especially If You Can't Float

"Good morning, Fidencio," Kathleen said as I entered the aquatics office of ClubSport San Jose. It was 9:00am and I was there for my first swim lesson. Standing near the front door, the aquatics center looked huge. Large windows lined the farthest wall, letting light spill over the lesson and lap pools.

Finding Fiddy: Why I Finally Chose to Learn to Swim as an Adult

As kids, we all have that one favorite superhero with really cool special powers we wish we had. My favorite growing up was Aquaman and I'll tell you why as soon as you stop laughing. I know he isn't necessarily the most respected in the superhero universe, but I liked him because he could do one thing I couldn't: Swim.


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