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August Workout: Full Body TRX Workout

Never boring, never easy, always challenging — that’s what you get with a TRX workout. Utilized by some of the fittest people on the planet (including pro athletes and members of the military) because of its versatility, the TRX gives you the ability to seamlessly incorporate lower, upper, and core muscles for total body workouts with unparalleled benefits.
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Smart Carb Tips

Do a quick Google search and you'll find that there are various formulas out there to help you figure out what your ideal carb intake should be. These formulas, however, aren't entirely accurate because everyone's body and lifestyle is so different.

July Workout: Swim and Strength

Escape the heat and not your workout with this month’s swim and strength routine. This total-body metabolic workout has you getting in (and out) of the pool for a dry land/swim combo guaranteed to tone your muscles and burn lots of calories.

Dorsiflexion for Injury Prevention

By Joey Levine, Personal Trainer


Here's a simple test for you. Look down at your feet. Do they point straight ahead, or do they point outward? If they point straight, congratulations, you passed; if they point outward, it means you need to work on your dorsiflexion.