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Transforming Maria

Transforming Maria: Getting My Health and Fitness Back

By Maria Ferreira, Member at Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek


I never thought I would end up overweight. I had spent most of my life as a very fit and competitive runner, so I exercised a lot. But at 53 years old, as a mother of two with a very stressful job that required lots of travel and commuting, I found myself with 20 pounds too many. Unable to lose the weight on my own, I knew I had to do something different.


I found that something during one of my family’s many staycations at Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek. As a hotel guest, I often used the Renaissance ClubSport fitness facility during my stay despite being a member at another local gym because it simply stood out from the rest. Members seemed to really care about their health and fitness, and with personal trainers around every corner and a wide variety of high-energy classes, I found it a very motivating place to be. It was during a visit to Renaissance ClubSport that I noticed a poster for the REV32 weight loss and nutrition program and decided to give it a shot.


During my first meeting with Ann Affinito, the head coach of REV32, I told her my goal was to lose 15 pounds — especially around the midsection — and tone my arms and abs during the process. (I actually wanted to lose 25 pounds, but I didn’t think it would be possible.)


The real work began soon after. The coaches are all excellent and I found Ann to be especially inspiring because she is only six months younger than me and looks amazing! Nutrition-wise, I learned a lot through the feedback I received on my food logs, which helped me realize I wasn’t eating nearly enough protein and that I simply wasn’t eating often enough, period.


When all was said and done, REV32 and Ann helped me get my health and fitness back on track. I lost 21 pounds over the four months that I was enrolled in REV32, and then lost another six pounds on my own thanks to what I learned in the program. Participating in REV32 was definitely the right solution for me.


If you’re looking to lose weight in a smart, healthy, and effective way, do yourself a favor and sign up for REV32. Follow the program, trust Ann, and see the results.



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