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Spartan Race Jeremy

ClubSport Pleasanton OCR Team Perseveres at Spartan World Championships

North Lake Tahoe is usually a scenic destination where crowds flock to enjoy leisurely outdoor activities. But on the weekend of October 1-2, it turned into a grueling trial for those wishing to test their physical and mental fortitude when the Spartan World Championship marched into town.


Among the group of competitors was the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Team from ClubSport Pleasanton. Led by trainers Jeremy Carbajal and Nancy Couper, the team took on the Spartan Beast Race, a 16-mile long course with 35 obstacles, and the Spartan Sprint, a short course almost as tough as its big brother. Both races took place amidst raging winds at an altitude of up to 9,000 feet. The air was thin, the conditions were harsh, and the obstacles were difficult, but the OCR Team members persevered and earned their piece of the Spartan Trifecta.


Various members of the OCR Team posted about their experience on Facebook:


Spartan Race Jeremy



Cue the sappy trainer post) As I'm sure many of you have already read, this weekend marked a HUGE success for me and my fam. The Spartan World Championship: 16 miles of mountain running, 35 obstacles, and raging winds. That being said, I cannot believe how amazing my fam did this weekend. I have always said that my greatest accomplishments have and will always be the success of my people, but that is an understatement when describing my emotions as I reflect back on what you all accomplished this weekend. Every one of you brought a new level of energy, determination, excitement - hell I can go on and on. Saying that I am proud of you doesn't do you justice. I am inspired by you all. To those of you I couldn't watch cross the finish line, I am sorry, I wanted to be there. But to those of you I did, let's just say I was glad I was wearing sunglasses! Special shout out to my brother, Bill Buckley, and my love, Megan, who battled through knee injuries to still cross that finish line. I am so proud of you all!



Spartan Race Nancy



What an incredible Spartan World Championships in Tahoe! I am beyond proud of our racers. Almost 16 miles of very challenging terrain, high winds, 45-degree lake swim & new obstacles — the team took on the massive challenge with a great mindset. It was an honor to have qualified and competed in the championship. Although no PR or placement for me this race, the greater award was the pride & sense of fulfillment I felt seeing our racers we coached cross that finish line. We were truly a family this weekend and the support we gave one another is what matters the most. It's a privilege being part of this team!



Spartan Race amy



I am battered, bruised, and oh so sore, but I finished by first obstacle course race this weekend — the Spartan Sprint at Squaw Valley. My biggest learning from all of this is that there is incredible power in setting your mind to accomplish something that requires you to learn new things and to challenge your perception of what you can do. I am oh so grateful to Nancy Couper, who has been by my side the entire time, coaching, pushing and believing in me before I believed in myself. Shout-outs to Jeremy and Rene, too — your words of advice and encouragement were incredibly important. And then, to Matt and the kiddos who brought out the cowbell yesterday (literally, the cowbell) and sent their encouragement into each and every step I took. And now onto the next race!



Spartan Race John



First Spartan Beast complete after finishing the Tahoe World Championships. Also completed the Trifecta. Big thanks to my ClubSport coaches Jeremy Carbajal, Rene Sepulveda, and Nancy Couper for getting me ready.



Spartan Race Kelley



Did my first Spartan Beast! What I learned about myself through out this race: I am not a nature person and uncoordinated is an understatement. I fell several times, did excessive amounts of burpees, and wanted to cry because it was so cold and the lake water was freezing. But accomplishment is a virtue and I couldn't be more grateful. God made me in the most imperfect ways that it's a blessing to be doing something new. Happy October friends! Thank you Nancy, Jeremy, and Rene for the awesome training and thank you Antz and Nessa for sticking by me when I needed help. You guys are so inspirational! Love being around you guys.



Spartan Race Rene



Congrats ClubSport OCR Elite Racers (Amy Ludvigson Alfano, Lauren & Mike Lennox) in the Spartan Sprint today. ... Way to finish a fun, challenging, and successful weekend for everyone!


if you're interested in joining the Obstacle Course Racing Team, contact your ClubSport location to see if there is an OCR Team at your club.


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