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Nutritional Fuel: Lean Green Smoothie Recipe

Become a lean and mean fitness machine with this Lean Green Smoothie recipe. Easy to make and even easier to drink, this special blend of greens, fiber, healthy fats, and protein work together to help you melt away fat, detoxify your body, and build muscle. It also delivers that crucial dose of energy you need before or after your workout.
Nutrition & Wellness

Easy Nutrition Hacks That Add A Big Boost To Your Meals

Sometimes, some of us can go to the unconventional in our attempts to eat healthier. For example, my first memory of "eating healthy" is that of my father coating my Cheerios with orange juice instead of milk. He thought dairy wasn't healthy and that OJ boosted the nutritional value of my plain cereal; I thought it tasted gross.
Nutrition & Wellness

Nutritional Fuel: Peanut Butter Cup Recovery Smoothie

A snack before your workout will give you the energy and stamina to go the distance, but it's what you eat right after your workout that's more important. Eating a snack with ample protein combined with a carbohydrate helps your body repair muscle tissue and replenishes glycogen stores, which are depleted after a strenuous workout. Build your own Peanut Butter Cup Recovery Smoothie at the club or at home after your next sweat session for faster muscle recovery.
Nutrition & Wellness


By Melissa Waters, Nutrition Coach at ClubSport San Jose


Protein powder is most commonly found in a gym bag ready for a quick post-workout drink, in the hand of your personal trainer, or at a smoothie bar. But it should also be in your kitchen ready to be cooked into your next homemade meal.


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