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Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition for Kids: Tips for Parents

Aaah, Grandma’s spaghetti sauce, hot chicken soup, chips and salsa, grilled cheese and tomato soup with goldfish on top … comfort foods are a wonderful thing and we can all name a quick handful of our favorites, accompanied by a childhood memory of love to go with it.
Nutrition & Wellness

Smart Carb Tips

Do a quick Google search and you'll find that there are various formulas out there to help you figure out what your ideal carb intake should be. These formulas, however, aren't entirely accurate because everyone's body and lifestyle is so different.
Nutrition & Wellness

Preserve the Nutrient Value of Your Foods

So you added a bit more kale into your life because you're trying to eat healthier, but you're not getting the results you want — what gives? If the food you're eating is "dead" — i.e. overcooked or over processed — you aren't going to get much energy, brain power, or muscle building nutrients from it.

Rethink Your Drink

By Christine Fitzgerald, Regional Director of Nutrition at Leisure Sports


As a nutritionist, the two questions I get most often, especially around festive holidays, are about alcohol: “How much can I have?” and “Which is the healthiest?” Here’s an example of texts that I frequently get from clients: “Alright, I decided that I want to have a drink tonight. I can have tequila, I can have vodka, I can have champagne, or I can have wine — what can I drink that won’t plump up my middle and give me a hangover?”

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