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Nutrition & Wellness

5 Reasons to Take Nutritional Supplements

By Christine Fitzgerald, Regional Director of Nutrition 


Should you supplement your diet with, well, supplements? Studies show that doing so can make a dramatic impact on your health. People take supplements to be healthy, to lose weight, gain weight or achieve any number of health goals. Supplements should complement your diet and help cover gaps in your nutritional intake, ensuring that your body gets everything it needs. 


Nutrition & Wellness

Ghee vs. Butter - Know the Difference

By Elizabeth Parsen, Nutritionist at ClubSport San Jose


Ghee, like butter, has been pleasing the palates of human mouths for thousands of years. However, it wasn’t until recently that a focus on fats has created confusion about the differences and similarities between the two and their role in human health.


Nutrition & Wellness

Collagen isn’t just for Saggy Skin

Is there a fountain of youth? A secret potion to everlasting health and vitality? Feeling young, and looking even younger, is obviously an obsession most cultures in the modern world have in common. And while a mythical fountain or a magical elixir that turn back the effects of Father Time may not exist, collagen, a protein found in our skin and through our entire body, may hold the key to youthful-looking skin and healthier joint mobility.
Nutrition & Wellness

Preserve the Nutrient Value of Your Foods

So you added a bit more kale into your life because you're trying to eat healthier, but you're not getting the results you want — what gives? If the food you're eating is "dead" — i.e. overcooked or over processed — you aren't going to get much energy, brain power, or muscle building nutrients from it.
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