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Massage the ultimate good for your muscles

The Ultimate Good for Your Muscles

It used to be that only the pros reaped the benefits of massage therapy — after all, they're constantly training, beating up their bodies day in and day out to perform at their maximum potential. But why shouldn't the regular exerciser enjoy the same benefits from a therapeutic rub-down? Even though we're not at that elite level, we're pushing ourselves to our full capacity during each and every workout at the club. And, believe it or not, we use the same muscles the pros do. In other words, if massage therapy does wonders for the pros, it'll do wonders for you, too.


For the physically active, a sports massage or deep tissue massage could be the way to go. (Be sure to consult with a ClubSport massage therapist before treatment to make sure these are right for you.)


Sports massage is generally used during training and after events to reduce recovery time and enhance athletic performance, while deep tissue massage is used to focus on a specific issue, really digging into the muscles to relieve knots and tension. Both ultimately help improve circulation, which aids in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This reduces soreness and fatigue, helps you recover faster, and will improve your range of motion and flexibility. The best benefit of all, though, could be injury treatment and prevention — so you can either get back to your favorite activity sooner or, better yet, not miss a single session at all.


Massage therapy also has psychological benefits. It's been found that massage helps reduce stress, tension, and anxiety and promotes relaxation. Aside from keeping you sane, your mental focus gets a boost, too, so you can tear it up on your run or your Zumba class.


All that said, don't expect these benefits to show up right away. Much like working out, it takes regular sessions to reap the rewards. That's the downside. But the upside is that you have an excuse to keep booking massages. Experts recommend getting a massage once a week if you're training at a high level, and at least once every two weeks for the consistent exerciser.


So there you have it. You don't have to be an elite athlete, but you can definitely be the elite version of yourself. Make massage therapy a part of your wellness routine by scheduling a spa appointment at ClubSport. Speak to your massage therapist to come up with a program that works for you and your wallet. Your body and mind will thank you.


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