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Transforming Stephanie

Transforming Stephanie: Results, Reflection, and the Road Ahead

By Stephanie Jullien, Member of Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek


I'm one week removed from the REV32 program and while I'm definitely sad it's over, I'm so glad I did it because it was something I did for myself. I worked out a lot, I sweat a lot, and I learned a lot throughout this amazing experience.


Seeing my before and after photos was exciting! It was the best way to see all the hard work I put in. The numbers on my final weigh-in, though, weren't as eye-catching as I had hoped. All said and done, I lost a few inches off my waist and hips and, in terms of weight, I lost a total of 4.5 pounds — I dropped 5.7 pounds of body fat and gained 1.2 pounds of muscle.


To be completely honest, there wasn't much of a change on the scale between the midpoint weigh-in and the final weigh-in. So where did I fall short? Life events that occurred midway through the program detoured my focus, which caused my nutrition and food logging to suffer. While I'm disappointed about that, I can say that I dealt with these setbacks as best I could and always put my best foot forward.


Heading into REV32, I had three goals I wanted to accomplish and I can proudly say that all three were met.


My first goal was to learn more about nutrition. Because REV32 focuses on what you eat just as much as on how you work out, I now have a much better understanding about carbs, proteins, fats, and portion sizes. I picked up new ideas for meals and snacks (including Ann's muscle muffins, my favorite new find) that are convenient and effective, especially considering my work schedule, and I have become more creative when it comes to experimenting with flavors.


My second goal was to gain confidence in my form. Ann and Curtis were there day in and day out to make sure I performed exercises correctly and safely. During my very last REV32 workout, Tiffany, a trainer at Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek, came up to me and complimented me on my form during a particular exercise. It's always nice to receive praise but it feels especially great when it's coming from a trainer.


My third goal was simply to feel better in my clothes. I started REV32 with the intention of fitting into two pairs of jeans I had in my closet (my milestone pants) and I accomplished that on my final week of the program. While I don't need a whole new wardrobe just yet, I feel great in my clothes. (By the way, notice that I said "new wardrobe just yet" — that's because my journey's not over).


After eight weeks of posts, this is my last entry. Thank you to those who have followed along. REV32 is more than just a weight loss program; it's about changing your lifestyle. If anyone is considering REV32, I urge you to stop wishing and start doing. I promise you won't regret your decision.


My journey towards a fitter, stronger, healthier me will continue. After all, I have plans for a BIG shopping spree in the near future.



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