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Transforming Stephanie

Transforming Stephanie: The Final Countdown

By Stephanie Jullien, Member of Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek


This week was the eighth and final week of REV32. It seems that when things are about to come to an end, we tend to tap into the reserves to give that extra push and I'm no different. I gave it my all in the workouts this week because I really wanted to take full advantage of the time left.


The final week of workouts led to the third and final fit test. As a former volleyball player, I made the wall sit the measuring stick of my progress in the program. In the first fit test, I clocked in a time of 1 minute 18 seconds. I bested that time by 47 seconds in the second fit test. In the third fit test, I went 3 minutes 5 seconds, beating my previous time by a whole minute. I may have not reached the 5-minute mark I had set as my goal, but I'm pleased with what I accomplished in eight weeks.


Saturday, the final workout for current REV32 participants, happened to also be the open house workout for the upcoming session. It was the perfect way to complete this journey and it made me realize that I'm now a part of this inspiring new community at Renaissance ClubSport. I had a big smile on my face as I walked to my car because, after so many years, I did something for myself and I feel great.


The next day (Sunday) was time for the moment of truth: Would I fit into my milestone pants? I had resisted the urge to try them on as I progressed during REV32, but now that I reached the end of the program, I decided it was time. I have to admit that I was somewhat nervous. I grabbed the first pair and tried them on. Not only did the button close easily, they even fit a little baggy in the legs. So then I reached for the second pair. "Why would I even choose white jeans for my goal?" I wondered. That aside, they fit comfortably. I couldn't be more excited! I've been trying to fit into both of these pairs of jeans since August of last year and I can finally wear them!


The final weigh-in is coming up. I'll share my before and after photos and my final thoughts on what has been an amazing experience.


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