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UCAN Fuel Better

UCAN Fuel Better

By Elizabeth Parsen, Nutritionist at ClubSport San Jose


For marathoners and all athletes, fueling properly prior to competition is more important than ever in order to avoid energy depletion midway through the contest. To that extent, UCAN, a nutritional supplements company based out of Connecticut, has developed a super starch made from non-GMO cornstarch. This high-grade, completely-absorbable cornstarch is specially formulated through hydrothermal (heat-moisture) technology and is engineered to release energy slowly over time, avoiding the spike in insulin that all sugar-infused drinks cause.


Here's the kicker: Carbs control insulin, and insulin inhibits fat usage and promotes fat storage. Therefore, controlling carbs is very important.


As a matter of fact, UCAN was first developed by Scottish researchers to treat newborns with Glycogen Storage Disease, a life-threatening metabolic disorder in which babies are unable to process and store carbohydrates. The development of SuperStarch proved effective at safely controlling blood sugar in these little patients for up to 10 hours! SuperStarch was so effective, it seemed obvious there were other great applications for this revolutionary food.


You can benefit from the SuperStarch technology, too. This super starch isn't just to fuel endurance athletes but can be used to control cravings and assist with weight loss efforts. UCAN products have been used to help control metabolic disorders such as diabetes and hypoglycemia. Here's a break down on how to use this super product.


Athletic Performance

Those who use UCAN experience more energy for longer or more intense physical activity. UCAN produces a slow, continuous release of a complex carbohydrate starch but doesn’t upset your stomach or spike insulin, so it increases fat burning at the same time.


Consume one scoop of UCAN mixed in water about 20-30 minutes before exertion exceeding 90 minutes or exceeding 85-90% intensity level. Use two scoops for events lasting 2-3 hours. Use three scoops for events lasting three or more hours.


For longer endurance activities like marathons and cross country cycling races, carry UCAN bars to refuel on the go.


To aid with recovery and to keep burning fat after workouts, consume 1-3 scoops of UCAN with Protein (depending on your level of exertion) preferably within 30 minutes after activity.


Fat Burning

UCAN SuperStarch feeds you energy without spiking levels of insulin, thereby increasing fat burning to help you become leaner.


Mix one scoop of UCAN with Protein into your low-glycemic breakfast smoothie. Later in the day, consume another scoop mixed in water between meals to keep you going.


Reduce Cravings

Have greater power over snacking by preventing your mid-morning or afternoon carb and sweet tooth cravings. UCAN helps keep your blood sugar is stable so you don't suffer from cravings.


Consume one scoop with water mid-morning, and if needed, another late in the afternoon to help avoid snacking on carbs and fat-storing foods.


Stabilize Metabolic Disorders

Stop struggling to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day due to metabolic disorders like pre-diabetes, diabetes, or hypoglycemia. Use UCAN SuperStarch to give you slow-releasing, non-insulin spiking carbs so you'll burn fat rather than store it.


Mix one scoop of UCAN with Protein into your low-glycemic breakfast smoothie to make a complete meal that will stabilize your blood sugar until lunch. Those who struggle with glucose management at night can have another scoop before bed to keep blood sugar stable through the night.



Elizabeth ParsenElizabeth Parsen is a licensed nutritionist through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as both a personal trainer and an exercise physiologist. Her nutrition and fitness experience spans more than 20 years, during which time she has finely aligned her practice of nutrition and fitness to develop successful weight loss and wellness programs.


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