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Workout of the Month, December 2016

December Workout: Holiday Quickie

By Amy Bishop, Personal Trainer


Five exercises, five reps, and five minutes is all you need.


Being short on time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workouts. This workout delivers big results in just five minutes with these five dynamic exercises that provide a full body workout and boost your metabolism with resistance, cardiovascular bursts, and core and mobility training. No equipment necessary! All you need is your own body weight, mental focus, and a timer. It’s the perfect workout for the busy holiday season.




Complete five reps of each exercise for one round. If you have more time, increase your rounds while keeping low reps of five to maintain technique and tension and to maximize gains.


1. Naked Squat to Jump Squat

Hold each squat for five seconds before exploding into a jump.


2. Hollow Body Hold to Tuck

Hold each extension for five seconds before tucking.


3. Four-Step Vinyasa Series

Hold each position for five seconds.


4. Bird Dog to Split Squat and Knee Strike

Hold your arm and leg extension (bird dog) for five seconds before continuing to your split squat.


5. Crab Walk to Body Dips

Crab walk forward five steps, complete five dips, then crab walk backwards five steps to complete one rep.



Holiday Quickie Workout


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