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Vernon Stephens

January Workout: Full Body Calorie Crusher

By Vernon Stephens, Elite Personal Trainer


Let's be real, we all went for seconds — if not thirds — at every holiday gathering or party we went to over the last few weeks. If you have some ground to make up in the fitness department, or if just want to kick start the new year with a serious jolt, try this Full Body Calorie Crusher workout. This workout features two levels and eight exercises for a mean challenge and a major calorie burn from head to toe.




Level 1: 1-2 rounds | Level 2: 2-4 rounds


1. Lateral Bridge Dip and Rotation

Level 1: 6-12 reps per side | Level 2: 10-15 reps per side


2. T-Spine Rotation to Bird Dog

Level 1: 6-10 reps per side | Level 2: 8-15 reps per side with two-count hold on Bird Dog


3. Plank to Alternate Pike

Level 1: 10-20 reps per side | Level 2: Max reps in 90 seconds


4. Lunge with Chop

Level 1: 4-8 reps per side | Level 2: 6-10 reps per side


5. Deadlift Squat with Slam

Level 1: 5-8 reps | Level 2: 10-15 reps


6. Medicine Ball Lunge Slam and Toss

Level 1: 5-8 reps per side | Level 2: 7-10 reps per side


7. Kinesis High-Low

Level 1: 6-10 reps per side | Level 2: 10-15 reps per side


8. Medicine Ball Slam Push-Up with Toss

Level 1: 6-12 reps | Level 2: Max reps in 90 seconds



Vernon StephensVernon Stephens is an Elite Personal Trainer at ClubSport Pleasanton with over 21 years of experience as a strength and conditioning/corrective exercise coach. His résumé includes NCAA and NFL athletes and teams (Raiders, Chargers, and Jaguars), as well as IRONMAN and Olympic-level competitors, physically impaired athletes, and people needing post-surgery rehabilitation and corrective exercise training. Vernon graduated from the University of North Florida with a bachelor's degree in Health and Exercise Science. He holds multiple certifications in strength and conditioning, sports performance, body-fat loss, corrective exercise, and injury reconditioning.



Full Body Calorie Crusher Pinnable


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