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November WOM

November Workout: Planksgiving

By Vernon Stephens, Elite Personal Trainer at ClubSport Pleasanton


Much like roasted turkey is a vital component of Thanksgiving dinner, a strong core is essential for total-body health. Our workout of the month for November, which we aptly named Planksgiving, focuses on strengthening your midsection, which translates beyond enhanced sports performance to benefit normal everyday activity. This 30-day plan relies heavily on the plank, a simple but highly effective exercise great for gauging and building core strength and stability. Follow this workout and, by the end of the month, you should experience improvements in force production, mobility, back health, posture, and breathing, as well as a slimmer waist.

Download The Planksgiving Workout Calendar 


Plank Repeats


Lateral Plank Repeats


Plank Walk


Plank with Reach


Plank with Leg Lift

Vernon Stephens is an elite personal trainer at ClubSport Pleasanton. He specializes in strength training, conditioning, and corrective exercise.


*See your doctor before starting any workout program. The Workout of the Month is for individuals in good physical health. If you have any conditions that may be aggravated by certain exercises, consult with a personal trainer to develop a plan that's right for you.

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