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Ab Exercise Roundup

Ab Exercise Roundup

Much like roasted turkey is a vital component of Thanksgiving dinner, a strong core is essential for total-body health. Our workout of the month for November, which is a roundup of some of our favorite core exercises from past workouts, focuses on strengthening your midsection, which translates beyond enhanced sports performance to benefit normal everyday activity. Try out these exercises and, by the end of the month, you should experience improvements in force production, mobility, back health, posture, and breathing, as well as a slimmer waist.



Complete each exercise for 30 seconds and increase to 60 seconds as you get stronger.



1. Plank Drag


2. Hollow Rock


3. Glider Mountain Climbers


4. Marpo Supine Core Pull


5. TRX Single Leg Inverted Crunch


6. Sit-ups


7. TRX Power Pull


8. Superman




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