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Full Body Sculpt on the ELEVATE Row

Everyone loves a good 2-in-1, like a college class that fulfills two requirements, a shampoo plus conditioner bottle, and a cronut. When it comes to working out and working off those cronuts, this month’s workout featuring the Total Gym ELEVATE Row Trainer will get the job done.

December Workout: Lower Body Kettlebell Strength

There’s a few reasons people suggest you don’t skip leg day (including to avoid becoming a meme). From a simple walk to intense cardio sessions and endurance events, most of us rely on our legs for various everyday tasks and more demanding physical activities. To make sure your lower body is primed for any challenge, try this month’s workout.

November Workout: Upper Body and Core Strength

Improve strength and stability with this month’s workout. Practically guaranteed to make you superhero strong — or, at the very least, enable you to open up that jar of cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner. The purpose of this double-dipper workout is to help you increase performance in both sports and everyday activities, as well as improve your posture and reduce the risk of injury.

October Workout: Trick or Treat Full Body Burn

This month’s workout is meant for all of you ghouls and goblins who give in to the sugary temptation that comes with Halloween. It’s made up of two bags of tricks (full body exercise circuits) followed by a treat (active recovery), and while it’s not nearly as fun as stuffing your face with your kid’s tiny candy bars, you’ll be happy you did it in the days leading up to All Hallow’s Eve.

August Workout: Full Body TRX Workout

Never boring, never easy, always challenging — that’s what you get with a TRX workout. Utilized by some of the fittest people on the planet (including pro athletes and members of the military) because of its versatility, the TRX gives you the ability to seamlessly incorporate lower, upper, and core muscles for total body workouts with unparalleled benefits.
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