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Transforming Stephanie: The Final Countdown

This week was the eighth and final week of REV32. It seems that when things are about to come to an end, we tend to tap into the reserves to give that extra push and I'm no different. I gave it my all in the workouts this week because I really wanted to take full advantage of the time left.

Transforming Stephanie: Determined to Finish Strong

Entering the final two weeks of REV32, I had promised myself that I would finish strong. Unfortunately and rather frustratingly, I got off to a rough start this week. I came down with the flu and had to miss two workouts because of it. With my friend's father's funeral services to be held during the week, I focused on getting enough rest to recover my energy and strength.

Transforming Stephanie: Results, Not Excuses

Week 6 of REV32 got off to a rough start. A very dear friend's father, whom I thought of as a second dad, unfortunately, passed away. That was really tough to deal with. Despite not having a REV32 workout session scheduled for that night, I decided to go to Renaissance ClubSport to work out on my own. I was still in a sort of daze and didn't work out as hard as I could, but I felt much better afterward.

Transforming Stephanie: Survival of the Fit Test

The second fit test — and my second shot at the wall sit — was slated for Monday morning, the very first day of Week 5 of REV32. I was determined to improve on the numbers from the initial fit test and accomplished that, even beating my previous time on the wall sit by 47 seconds. Instead of feeling great about my progress, I was actually somewhat disappointed, though I can't really explain why or even what I was expecting.

Finding Fiddy: Swimming Is Hard, Especially If You Can't Float

"Good morning, Fidencio," Kathleen said as I entered the aquatics office of ClubSport San Jose. It was 9:00am and I was there for my first swim lesson. Standing near the front door, the aquatics center looked huge. Large windows lined the farthest wall, letting light spill over the lesson and lap pools.