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Transforming Jessica: How I Dropped 42 Pounds & 14 Dress Sizes

I clearly remember the day I attended my first REV32 info night. I was a member of ClubSport San Jose and had been working at my weight loss goals for over a year, but I hadn't seen enough progress. As I sat there listening to the presentation, one particular sentence grabbed my attention: "What is your why? This is your driving force."

2016 ClubSport Gift Guide

By Amanda Richert


It's that time of the year again! We’ve made our list, checked it twice, and these are the gifts we know family and friends – from fitness-obsessed to mildly inclined – will love.


For the Stylish Exerciser


ClubSport Apparel



December Workout: Holiday Quickie

Being short on time doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workouts. This workout delivers big results in just five minutes with these five dynamic exercises that provide a full body workout and boost your metabolism with resistance, cardiovascular bursts, and core and mobility training. No equipment necessary!
Nutrition & Wellness

Kick Your Cravings to the Curb

Do you remember what happened when you were a kid and your parents said you couldn't have something? You probably rebelled and threw a tantrum. As adults, something similar happens when we go on a diet — we're told we can't have something, but instead of throwing tantrums, we get cravings.




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The Plan to Silence Self-Sabotage for Good

By ClubSport Wellness


There's a voice in your head – sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious – that, when you're on the brink of starting a health or fitness program, will say "I can't do it," "I'm afraid I'll fail," or "I'll start next week." These and the countless other excuses you come up with are nothing other than self-sabotage trying to hold you back.


November Workout: Planksgiving

Much like roasted turkey is a vital component of Thanksgiving dinner, a strong core is essential for total-body health. Our workout of the month for November, which we aptly named Planksgiving, focuses on strengthening your midsection, which translates beyond enhanced sports performance to benefit normal everyday activity.
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