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Is your Avocado worth it?

Good. Fat. Just a few years ago, putting those two words together would have been an oxymoron. But after decades of following the FDA’s recommendation to keep fat consumption to a minimum, science and research have recently turned the fat-free paradigm on its ear. “Good” — or healthy — fats actually help your body function optimally.
Nutrition & Wellness

Female Fat Loss Secrets

By Christine Fitzgerald, Regional Director of Nutrition at Leisure Sports


Ever feel as if your weight loss efforts read like a meme? "Work out five days a week for at least one hour, eat healthy — still can't lose weight." "Try absolutely every workout and diet under the sun — still can't lose one freakin’ pound!" Why is it so darn difficult to lose weight?!


Nutrition & Wellness

Lack of Sleep Is Wrecking Your Weight Loss

The alarm blares. It's your cue to wake up only, only you don't want to. You hit the snooze button to get an extra 10 minutes of much-needed Z's. The alarm booms again, only this time it's with an ultimatum: Get up or risk being late. You feel tired yet get up, get ready, and head off to a day full of to-dos, all through which you feel exhausted.
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