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Transforming Jessica: How She Dropped 42 Pounds and 14 Dress Sizes

Transforming Jessica: How I Dropped 42 Pounds & 14 Dress Sizes

By Jessica Phillips


I clearly remember the day I attended my first REV32 info night. I was a member of ClubSport San Jose and had been working at my weight loss goals for over a year, but I hadn't seen enough progress. As I sat there listening to the presentation, one particular sentence grabbed my attention: "What is your why? This is your driving force."


That was the first time I had ever thought of that. What was my why? Then it hit me — my two kids. They're my driving force. I need to be a happy, healthy mom to keep up with them. At that moment, I realized that I had to make a change to accelerate results, and I was prepared to put in the sweat and tears needed to get there.


The second thing I heard during the info session that piqued my interest was the sense of community around the program. REV32 is as much about the weight loss as it is about the web of support weaved by every participant and coach. I suffered from post-partum depression and workouts had become a meditative escape of sorts for me, a sliver of time where I didn't have to be a mom and could focus on myself. I was looking for that feeling of camaraderie in my workouts and REV32 promised that.


I signed up that night and right away set goals to lose 20 pounds, drop a few pant sizes, get back in shape, and rid myself of lower back pain.


Transforming Jessica: Before Photos

Before REV32, I weighed 188 pounds, had 37.2% body fat, and was a size 16.


My first official day of REV32 was November 3, 2014. That first workout was tough — as were the ones thereafter — but not impossible. Push-ups were my first test, however, I was too weak to press my own body weight and I also suffered from carpal tunnel, so just holding myself up was a struggle. The thing about REV32 coaches, though, is that they're aware of the varying levels of fitness between participants, so my coach was quick to provide me with modifications to eliminate the strain and lighten the load. Next thing you know, I was doing push-ups alongside the rest of the crew.


It was reassuring to know that I didn't have to perform at a certain pace or complete a specific number of reps; I could complete what I was capable of and knew progress would come. Learning the foundations of functional movement and how to progress each movement pattern as I got stronger made me feel increasingly confident as REV32 went on.


The most important aspect of REV32 might be the nutritional component. I thought I knew how to eat healthy, but it wasn't until REV32 broke it down into why, when, and how to eat food to make it more effective for your body that I really understood healthy eating.


It all starts with (self) accountability. I made sure to post food logs and photos of what I was eating to the REV32 Facebook group page, which not only made me aware of what was actually going in my mouth, but my coaches were able to give me real-time feedback so I didn’t make the same mistake twice.


Because I was eating more food than I had ever before, I learned to cook new things (that actually tasted great) and meal prep became a must. My two kids loved joining me in the kitchen on Sundays for "Mommy’s Meal Prep" and, in the process, they also learned skills to keep them healthy for life. As an extra bonus, I got a list of REV32-approved recipes that are super simple to make and so tasty that I even served them at dinner parties and got asked for the recipes afterward!


Transforming Jessica: Food Prep

Food prep Sunday!


I realized that taking this lifestyle out into the world beyond my kitchen would require some effort. At restaurants, I started checking the lighter fares and asking for modifications, and I have yet to experience a place that's not happy to oblige. Half the battle when eating out is really just about portion control, so I'll usually ask the server for a split plate and have half of it packed up, which keeps me from over-indulging when socializing.


It's these types of exercise and nutritional modifications and tips that set REV32 apart from other weight loss programs. I have tried other programs in the past, and while they helped me shed pounds fast, I could never keep the weight off. With REV32, however, I wasn't forced to restrict calories or replace meals with shakes. Instead, I was provided with well-balanced workout and nutritional plans and guidance specific to my needs, which led to a balanced lifestyle and long-term results.


The journey to my "ideal" self-wasn't quick and easy. It took me three sessions of REV32 to reach that point. But with each session that passed, I noticed a different phase of growth towards wellness.


When I started my first session, I was a size 16, weighed 188 pounds, and had 37.2% body fat. Throughout those eight weeks, I learned how my body is supposed to function, that core work is essential, that I work best under pressure, and that exercising is actually fun! When the final results came in, I had dropped 16 pounds, eight sizes, and went down to 34.7% body fat. I asked myself, "Why stop now?" and went for a second session.


In the eight weeks that followed, I was able to pick up the pace and accelerate loaded movements and results. My body composition really started to change. I put on muscle mass and saw body fat drop to 32%, finally putting me out of the obesity range. I also fit into size 4 jeans, which I hadn't been able to do since middle school! I felt like I had gotten the hang of things – my meal plans were on point and my movement patterns were correct – so I decided to put myself to the test and try things on my own.


For the next few weeks, I carved time in my day to work out at ClubSport with a combination of workouts I created and group fitness classes offered at the club. Results continued in suit, but I began to plateau and missed my REV32 community, so I decided to join one more session to see just how much I could accomplish.


When all was said and done, I had dropped down to a size 2, weighed 146 pounds, and had 24.2% body fat! Most importantly, I was living the dream – a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that I was so passionate about.


Transforming Jessica: After Photos

After REV32, I had lost a total of 42 pounds and 13% body fat and went down 14 sizes. Not only did I become physically fit, I became mentally fit as well.


A few months and many workouts later, I thought that if I loved what I'm doing, why not do what I love? I decided to become a personal trainer and after a year-and-a-half of practical learning, I became certified and even started to coach some REV32 sessions.


Eventually, the opportunity to become REV32 Head Coach at ClubSport San Jose presented itself and I went for it. As a previous participant in the program, I knew the struggles and the rewards of the journey, and I had the desire to inspire others to gain the same confidence and fearlessness I had gained en route to a sustainable, healthier life.


As I look back at the night I signed up for REV32, I can't help but consider it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did I reach my fitness and wellness goals, I completely crushed them and opened the door to unleashing my full potential. The whole process made me realize that if I think I can, I will. It cleared my mind of the self-doubt and motivated me to keep trying. This shift in mindset spilled over from my workouts into everyday life, and that's when I truly became strong.


My experience with REV32 was never about that initial goal of losing 20 pounds; it was about the journey to becoming my best self. So here I am today, Jessica Phillips, former participant and current Head Coach of REV32, a mom who can keep up with her two kids, and a completely transformed woman.


Transforming Jessica: ClubSport San Jose personal trainer and REV32 head coach

Now a personal trainer and head coach of REV32 at ClubSport San Jose, I'm the healthiest I've ever been and try to inspire others to live a sustainable, healthier life.



Feeling inspired to start on your own weight loss journey? Click here to learn more about REV32, ClubSport's signature weight loss, and nutrition program.


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