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Full Body Sculpt on the ELEVATE Row

By Joe Bala and Dan Benton, ClubSport San Jose Elite Personal Trainers


Everyone loves a good 2-in-1, like a college class that fulfills two requirements, a shampoo plus conditioner bottle, and a cronut. When it comes to working out and working off those cronuts, this month’s workout featuring the Total Gym ELEVATE Row Trainer will get the job done. An enhanced rowing machine that incorporates various inclined angles for added resistance using only your body weight, the ELEVATE Row provides an unparalleled cardio and strength training experience to help you sculpt your body efficiently. Our workout, like the machine, can easily be modified to your fitness level. Hop on, follow the workout, and see the results.



Complete 30 seconds of each exercise then rest 30 seconds. Repeat circuit 3 times.


1. Squat Jumps


2. Bicep Curls


3. Row with Oblique Twist


4. Plank Body Saw


5. Supported Lateral Hops


6. Squat to Bow & Arrow




Joe BalaJoe Bala is an engineer who decided to pursue a career change as a personal trainer and health coach. Aiding people to bring about positive change in their lives through improving, then maintaining their health and fitness, is his passion. Since the young age of 12, Joe has been weightlifting and has always been interested in health and fitness. Joe’s teaching style is patient and fun, but also direct and to the point. He enjoys breaking down movements and exercises into simplified steps so people of all fitness levels and background can quickly and easily learn, comprehend, apply, and retain what they’ve learned.


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