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Jeremy Carbajal March Workout of the Month

March Workout: The Obstacle Course Race Workout

By Jeremy Carbajal, Elite Personal Trainer


Obstacle course races are all the rage at the moment, and with good reason: Few physical endeavors are as grueling. Courses are peppered with various challenges that require total-body strength and muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Since participants don't know what obstacles await, the only way to prepare is to prepare for absolutely anything. This month's workout does just that. Designed by Elite Personal Trainer Jeremy Carbajal, the king of Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Training at ClubSport Pleasanton, this training plan will prepare OCR newbies to conquer their first race and OCR vets to own their next course.




Complete 3-5 rounds of the following exercises.


1. Farmer Carries

Walk 20-30 yards

Hold two dumbbells or kettlebells. Keep an upright posture and walk 50-100 feet while holding a neutral spine. Make sure to choose a weight that challenges your grip and core strength.


2. Bear Crawl

Crawl 20-30 yards forward and back

On all fours, keep your hips low to the ground and crawl like a bear for 20-30 yards forward and back. The distance should challenge your shoulders and core.


3. Pull-Ups

10-15 repetitions

Perform 10-15 pull-ups. They can be without assistance, machine-assisted, or band-assisted.


4. Marpo Rope Pull

Pull 40-50 feet

Sit on the ground with the Marpo rope in its lowest position. Pull from the top pulley back to the sides of your chest. A hip hinge is optional to assist with the movement. The resistance should challenge your upper back, biceps, and grip strength. Pull for 40-50 feet.


5. Sled Pull to Sled Push

2-3 round trips: Pull 10 yards, then push back to the starting point

Keep your hips back and backpedal while pulling the sled for 10 yards, then push it back to the starting point. Do 2-3 round trips.


6. Sled Row to Sled Push

2-3 round trips: Pull 10 yards, then push back to the starting point

Keep your hips back and use both hands to pull the sled towards your body. Step backward, removing the slack in the line, and repeat. Pull for a total distance of 10 yards, then push the sled back to the starting point. Do 2-3 round trips.


7. Incline Walk/Run Intervals

5-8 intervals: Walk/run for 60 seconds, recover for 60 seconds

Set the treadmill to a challenging incline and a slower speed. Walk or run for a minute, then rest for a minute. Repeat 5-8 times.



Jeremy CarbajalJeremy Carbajal is an Elite Personal Trainer at ClubSport Pleasanton. He is trained as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Level 1 YogaFit instructor, and is an experienced basketball coach at the high school level.


Jeremy is one of the coaches leading an eight-week OCR training program at ClubSport Pleasanton. Click here if you are a local member and are interested in finding out when the next round of OCR training begins.



Obstacle Course Race Workout


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