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Transforming Stephanie

Transforming Stephanie: Determined to Finish Strong

By Stephanie Jullien, Member of Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek


Entering the final two weeks of REV32, I had promised myself that I would finish strong. Unfortunately and rather frustratingly, I got off to a rough start this week. I came down with the flu and had to miss two workouts because of it. With my friend's father's funeral services to be held during the week, I focused on getting enough rest to recover my energy and strength.


Life events such as this are an easy excuse to slack off and not eat well. While my diet wasn't perfect, I was able to put into practice everything I've learned from REV32 to make the best dietary choices.


Speaking of food, between the flu and being away from home for two days, I hadn't sent in my weekly food log to Ann, so I received an email reminder from her: "Just checking in to see where you are at with your food logs." To be honest, I felt that I have such a better understanding of proper nutrition that I didn't need to keep a food log anymore. Ann, however, suggested that I keep tracking my diet, so I started my food log again as part of my vow to finish strong.


If you look at my food log, you'll notice a meal that has become my new favorite. It's composed of a bed of arugula lettuce (thanks to fellow REV32-er Erin for suggesting this ingredient), and includes black beans, three egg whites, and one egg. It's so yummy and satisfying that I have it for breakfast in the morning and sometimes will also have it as my afternoon meal before to heading to work.


On Friday night, I went clothes shopping with my sister. I wasn't necessarily shopping for anything in particular, but rather was more curious to see where I was at in terms of sizing. While I feel better and know I have lost some inches since I started REV32, I'm still not quite where I want to be. Instead of feeling discouraged, I was inspired even more to reach my goals. Also, not only do I have my milestone pants at home, I now have a milestone jacket at Lululemon that I want to fit into.


Feeling more motivated, I went into Saturday's workout determined to make up for the workouts I missed because of the flu. It was hard but I felt good afterward. It was great to catch up with fellow participants I hadn't seen in a while and it was inspiring to see that how much stronger they are and how to lose their clothes fit.


It's hard to believe that I'm about to enter the eighth and final week of REV32. As far as I've come, I wish it wasn't ending yet. The final weigh-in and fit test await. I'm curious to see how I fare against my old nemesis the wall sit, but most of all, I'm anxious to try on my pants!


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