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July Workout: Swim and Strength

By Andy Brown, Personal Trainer


Escape the heat and not your workout with this month’s swim and strength routine. This total-body metabolic workout has you getting in (and out) of the pool for a dry land/swim combo guaranteed to tone your muscles and burn lots of calories. It requires minimum equipment and maximum effort, and people of any fitness and swim level (beginner through advanced) can soak up the cardio and strength benefits that this workout yields.



June Workout: Race Ready Cardio

By Rene Sepulveda, Elite Personal Trainer


With the arrival of summer and fall comes racing season. Marathons (half and full), triathlons, obstacle course races (Spartan, ToughMudder, Rugged Maniac) abound, and if you’re planning to race in one of these, you need to make sure your cardio and your legs are strong enough to get you to the finish line. This workout uses six different cardio machines and is designed to challenge and strengthen your legs and core to keep you going even when the going gets tough.



May Workout: Preparing For The "Murph" Challenge

By Alley Miesch-Nie and Andy Morales, Elite Personal Trainers


In honor of the Navy SEALs and all of our military heroes, we're dedicating this month's workout to the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. It's meant to prepare your lungs and muscles for the Memorial Day weekend challenge of completing the "Murph" challenge.



April Workout: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

By Bill Daniels, Elite Personal Trainer


Few workouts are as challenging as High Intensity Interval Training, and fewer yet yield the benefits that HIIT does. Much more effective than a steady cardio session, the short-but-intense activity of a HIIT workout boosts aerobic and anaerobic endurance, ignites your metabolism, and gives you a monstrous calorie burn, all while maintaining or even increasing muscle mass. This HIIT routine will make your next workout anything but ordinary.





February Workout: Full Body Fat Blaster

By Ann Affinito, Elite Personal Trainer


Feel the burn with this month's Full Body Fat Blaster workout. This fat-incinerating routine targets your upper body, lower body, and core — so pretty much your entire body — much more effectively than continuous moderate activity to improve cardio, respiratory, and mechanical functions. The real magic is the resulting boost to your metabolism, which means that you'll continue to burn fat long after you've left the gym.




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