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Lack of Sleep Is Wrecking Your Weight Loss

The alarm blares. It's your cue to wake up only, only you don't want to. You hit the snooze button to get an extra 10 minutes of much-needed Z's. The alarm booms again, only this time it's with an ultimatum: Get up or risk being late. You feel tired yet get up, get ready, and head off to a day full of to-dos, all through which you feel exhausted.

January Workout: Full Body Calorie Crusher

Let's be real, we all went for seconds — if not thirds — at every holiday gathering or party we went to over the last few weeks. If you have some ground to make up in the fitness department, or if just want to kick start the new year with a serious jolt, try this Full Body Calorie Crusher workout. This workout features two levels and eight exercises for a mean challenge and a major calorie burn from head to toe.

Transforming Jessica: How I Dropped 42 Pounds & 14 Dress Sizes

I clearly remember the day I attended my first REV32 info night. I was a member of ClubSport San Jose and had been working at my weight loss goals for over a year, but I hadn't seen enough progress. As I sat there listening to the presentation, one particular sentence grabbed my attention: "What is your why? This is your driving force."

Transforming Stephanie: Melting Pounds and Making Changes

Preparation is the key to success, and with REV32, it's no different. Sunday is slotted as our prep day for the week. It's time we use to get the shopping done, chop veggies and fruits, and prepare some food for the week. It truly is a vital step in the program and it worked out perfectly for me this week, as I also spent the day getting the kids ready to go back to school and me back to work.

Transforming Stephanie: Making Moves and Muscle Muffins

Week 2 of REV32 means … DAIRY! I'm excited that I'll be able to reintroduce dairy into my diet because it means I can eat Greek yogurt and string cheese again. The program required us to do without it for the first week to see if we were allergic or intolerant to it. I know I'm not either of those, but I still wanted to follow the guidelines.
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