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Dorsiflexion for Injury Prevention

By Joey Levine, Personal Trainer


Here's a simple test for you. Look down at your feet. Do they point straight ahead, or do they point outward? If they point straight, congratulations, you passed; if they point outward, it means you need to work on your dorsiflexion.



The Ultimate Good for Your Muscles

It used to be that only the pros reaped the benefits of massage therapy — after all, they're constantly training, beating up their bodies day in and day out to perform at their maximum potential. But why shouldn't the regular exerciser enjoy the same benefits from a therapeutic rub-down? Even though we're not at that elite level, we're pushing ourselves to our full capacity during each and every workout at the club. And, believe it or not, we use the same muscles the pros do. In other words, if massage therapy does wonders for the pros, it'll do wonders for you, too.



Foam Rolling Basics for Primed Muscles and Better Recovery

You reach into your closet and grab your favorite shirt — but there's a problem. It's wrinkled. In fact, it's so wrinkled it fits short. You tug at it as a quick fix but to no avail. You finally reach for the iron and, five minutes later, your shirt is wrinkle-free and ready for the day ahead.



Stick to Your Resolutions This Year (Finally!)

By Dan Levin, Certified Personal Trainer


You've been down this road before. A year ago, you made New Year's resolutions that you confidently vowed to keep. Then, as they say, life happened. Throughout the year, work, kids' schedules, family obligations, celebrations of all sorts, and vacations mercilessly conspired to derail your fitness schedule and proper meal plan. Let’s not even talk about December.


But that's the reality of it.



ClubSport Trainers' Tips & Tricks to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

By Amanda Richert


It can be tricky to stay in shape over the holidays. The weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year's — and even the few weeks after — are usually full of festive food and merriment, leaving little to no time to exercise. We asked ClubSport personal trainers for tips and tricks on how they stay motivated, healthy, and fit over the holidays, and here's what they said helps them survive the most dangerous (fitness-wise) time of the year.



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