Race Ready Cardio

May 31, 2017 | Workouts

Man running on an indoor treadmill

By Rene Sepulveda, Elite Personal Trainer

With the arrival of summer and fall comes racing season. Marathons (half and full), triathlons, obstacle course races (Spartan, ToughMudder, Rugged Maniac) abound, and if you’re planning to race in one of these, you need to make sure your cardio and your legs are strong enough to get you to the finish line. This workout uses six different cardio machines and is designed to challenge and strengthen your legs and core to keep you going even when the going gets tough.

The Warmup

Do 5-10 minutes of easy cardio and spend a few minutes doing dynamic stretches.

The Workout

This workout features four one-mile moderate-paced base-building intervals with two-minute intense/speed intervals on various cardio equipment in between.

1-Mile Row (1609 m)

Set the resistance to 10. Keep knees from tucking too far under, chin up, and lower back as flat as possible.

2-Minute Jacob’s Ladder

Keep your shoulders and arms in a square-fixed position on the stationary side handles. Keep your chin up and back flat. Try to keep your hips up as much as possible. Your feet should be on the ball-of-the-foot in a straight position, trying not to supinate or pronate.

1-Mile Jog on Stair Climber

Work up to a jog or running pace. Keep your back in an upright position to activate your core muscles. Work on your foot strike being neutral on the steps.

2-Minute Ski Machine

Your weight should be on your heels to activate your glutes. Keep your back in an upright position and your chin up. Your arms need to extend fully up and back, squeezing and activating the triceps when the arms are in the back position.

1-Mile Expresso Virtual Bike

Make sure your seat is in a good neutral position. Select the City Express Moderate program on the Expresso Virtual Bike. If this particular bike or program is unavailable, make sure your ride simulates an uphill program.

2-Minute Skillmill Sled Press

Push the sled on the balls of your feet, making sure to not pronate or supinate. Keep your back as flat as possible and don’t let your knees move from side to side.

1-Mile Run or 1-Mile Fast Walk Holding a Sandbag

If walking, grab a sandbag or heavy medicine ball and hold it high on the chest to activate your core. Keep your back in a straight/neutral position. One-mile walk or run can be done on a treadmill or Skillmill Sled Press.

Meet Rene Sepulveda

An Elite Personal Trainer at ClubSport Pleasanton, Rene Sepulveda has a lifetime of athletic and fitness experience as a competitor, coach, and personal trainer. A two-time Olympic marathon qualifier and NCAA track & field coach, he has mentored multiple Olympians, All- Americans, and National and Master’s champions. Rene enjoys developing peak-performance fitness programs for clients of any age and skill level ranging from beginners to seniors and young athletes to Olympians. He specializes in endurance training and speed development for long-distance runners and triathletes and is experienced in rehabbing and strengthening injured athletes. Rene also takes special interest in those seeking to become fit enough for adventure travel. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Rene holds double master’s degrees in Public Health-Epidemiology and Health Promotion Sciences and earned a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from Idaho State University. In his off hours, he enjoys snow skiing and competing in world-class master’s distance running championships.

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