15-Minute Kettlebell Workout

Aug 31, 2018 | Workouts

Woman doing a kettlebell exercise in the 15-minute Kettlebell workout

By Amy Bishop, Leisure Sports Inc. Director of Membership and Strongfirst Kettlebell Level 2 Instructor

As the sunny season ends, our summer body efforts tend to go with it. Don’t fall off the wagon; instead, switch into high gear with this month’s workout featuring the kettlebell. The most versatile piece of equipment for developing, boosting, and maintaining strength thanks to maximal muscle recruitment, the kettlebell is widely used by world-class athletes and elite military operators and is notorious for turning the everyday gym-goer into a bad-ass athlete. Nail down the principles of kettlebell practice and see how this time-effective and dynamic workout helps you create a strong body capable of handling any activity in front of you.

The Workout

STRENGTH TIP: Weights should be challenging enough to push you to approximately 80% effort at the end of each set. Your goal is to complete full reps with the proper technique without going into muscle failure.

Round 1 or round 2 can be done as a standalone workout when short on time; 10 minutes and 5-15 minutes respectively. Both rounds can be combined to total 25 minutes when completing 3 sets of round 2.

Round 1: (10 Minutes)

Heavy Kettlebell Swings

Using a timer, complete 10-15 swings at the top of each minute for 10 minutes. For beginners, start with 5 minutes and increase to 10 as you get stronger.

PRO TIP: Your power and motion should be generated from your hips, allowing your arms to go along for the ride. End your range of motion when the bell reaches chest height and the spine is in a neutral upright position.

Round 2: Kettlebell Complex (5-15 Minutes)

Perform each exercise continuously with no rest in between. Complete 1-3 rounds, resting 2 minutes between each round.

Kettlebell Front Squat

5 reps per side

PRO TIP: Ensure you keep your wrist straight with a vertical forearm throughout the motion.

Kettlebell Military Press

5 reps per arm

PRO TIP: Ensure you keep your wrist straight with a vertical forearm. Your palm should turn forward at the top of your head as your arm extends.

Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift

5 reps per leg

PRO TIP: Keep your shoulders and hips square to the floor. Your supporting leg should bend up to 90 degrees as you hinge forward.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

5 reps

PRO TIP: Grip your kettlebell and hold it in front of your sternum. Maintain position throughout the motion as you pull into your squat. Your elbows should touch the inside of your knees at the bottom of the squat.

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Meet Christine Fitzgerald

Christine Fitzgerald is a two-time published author, a certified nutritionist, and holds a Master’s in Nutrition. Christine specializes in hormone education, testing, and balance; weight management; athletic performance; and recovery. She holds quarterly nutrition seminars across all ClubSport clubs.

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